Welcome to Extra Features! We are a movie review podcast based out of Toronto, ON, coming upon our 10th year!

Extra Features is different than your everyday podcast due to our action-packed content and sheer number of reviews. While many podcasts focus on only one or two movies per episode, we pack between 8-10 movies into each podcast! That means more bang for your buck (okay, we’re free, but more bang for your time).

Who needs a detailed analysis of a film when you can get the same quality analysis of up to 10 films? And we don’t just focus on blockbuster releases, but older films as well. Want a quick review on the latest auctioner? We’ve got it. Want a review of “Citizen Kane?” We’ve got that too. We’ll tell you what’s great, what needs to be seen, and what needs to be passed by.

We’ve reviewed over 500 movies and just can’t stop. We watch between 10-15 movies per week, and publish a new podcast episode bi-monthly.

We hope you enjoy the site. Comments are welcome.

You can find our podcast on iTunes, and we hope to expand to more platforms in the coming months!

*Listen to our free podcast on iTunes. Click the link here to access episodes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/extra-features-podcast/id1217020008?mt=2