The Team

Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd, Co-creator
Kevin Boyd, Co-creator

Kevin is co-creator of “Extra Features Podcast” and the host of the show.

Kevin is a movie aficionado, buys movies weekly, and implemented the show’s current “James Bond” movie review section.

Kevin fights a never-ending battle with the clock as a personable, pensive, and allergic individual. According to rumors, Kevin wasn’t born, but rocketed to Earth as a small child.


Simon Watson

Simon Watson, Co-creator

No one has ever seen Simon; he just sits in his room all day watching movies. Some say he’s seen more movies than some casting directors – all in his quest to see Every Movie Ever Made.

Year-to-date, Simon has seen over 280 movies, what he considers, “a light year.”

Apart from his role as critic on “Extra Features,” Simon is the social media face of the show, and can be found tweeting up a storm in his quest for new followers for the show.


Joe Kilmartin

Joe Kilmartin, critic

Joe is awesome.

Joe (besides being the appetite of the group) is a source of wisdom for all things movies, keeping Simon and Kevin in check about what other movies actors and actresses have been in that are discussed on the show.

Joe isn’t an every-show-kind-of-guy; but when he makes an appearance – watch out.


Bob McBride, "The Intern"
Bob McBride, “The Intern”

Bob is ‘The Intern.’ Bob has been with the show for three years. Bob is still ‘The Intern’ and will always be ‘The Intern.’

Bob loves musicals, and produces scripts for “Extra Features” episodes, as well as researching actors and actresses.

In addition to “Extra Features,” Bob enjoys ice cream, long walks, writing poems, and singing ‘Abba.’