Simon Watson

No one has ever seen Simon; he just sits in his room all day watching movies. Some say he’s seen more movies than some casting directors – all in his quest to see ‘Every Movie Ever Made’. He’s also the co-creator of “Extra Features Podcast”.

Year-to-date, Simon has seen over 280 movies, what he considers, “a light year.”

Apart from his role as critic on “Extra Features,” Simon is the social media face of the show, and can be found tweeting up a storm in his quest for new followers for the show on our twitter account.

Kevin A. Boyd

Kevin is the co-creator of “Extra Features Podcast”.

Kevin is the Senior Comics Lead for Fan Expo HQ. He is the co-founder and Director of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards (est. 2004). He is the owner of the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery, formerly a retail shop in downtown Toronto (est. 2012). In the past he was the Director of the CGC Signature Series program and an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor. He is a comics and comic art collector, fan, historian and used to make his own comics when he was much younger.

An avid movie buff, Kevin’s focus is on comics related movies and television.

Daniel Prinn

Daniel is a lover of all things cinema. He is a journalism and scriptwriting graduate from Ottawa who enjoys discussing movies and hearing others’ interpretations.

He has written a short script and is currently working on a full-length script in the horror/satire department, and looking forward to further developing his characters.

In addition to appearing on Extra Features Podcast, Daniel has his own website where he reviews films at


Doug Hahner

Image may contain: 2 people, including Doug HahnerDoug is American, but don’t hold that against him.

Doug has loved movies ever since Jaws scared him so much that he wouldn’t bathe for weeks after seeing it. The rumors that he was 23 when he first saw Jaws is utterly false.

Doug studied filmmaking in college, and has continued to study films throughout his life. He has now passed his love of films on to his sons, and his wife hopes it leads them to a lucrative enough career that they can put them into a retirement home that doesn’t abuse them.


Chad Meisenheimer – ’20 Minutes with Chad’

“20 Minutes with Chad” is pure id and no ego following the shenanigans of Los Angeles based actor – comedian – Content Creator Chad Meisenheimer.  

If you have a question for Chad or just wanting a good old fashion shout please hit up Chad or Simon. Also Chad does take donations in the form of tacos and slurpees.

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Mark Ziobro

Mark is a lover of movies and is the founder and managing editor at The Movie Buff. He has appeared as a guest on Extra Features Podcast over the last several years, and takes part in the site’s 31 Days of Halloween feature regularly. Mark’s favorite genres are drama and horror. His favorite films or all time are “Jaws,” and “Halloween.” You can check out Mark’s reviews and articles at 



Former team members:

Bob McBride

Bob is ‘The Intern.’ Bob has been with the show for  years. Bob is still ‘The Intern’ and will always be ‘The Intern.’

Bob loves musicals, and produces scripts for “Extra Features” episodes, as well as researching actors and actresses.

In addition to “Extra Features,” Bob enjoys ice cream, long walks, writing poems, and singing ‘Abba.’


Karen Gaine

No photo description available.Karen loves Disney and period dramas. Karen’s favorite Disney character is Grumpy the Dwarf. In addition to being a guest on Extra Features Podcast, Karen is an avid reader. Karen is responsible for introducing Simon to historical drama, which is a feat, since he has usually seen everything. Karen is a former host on the show, and according to Simon, enjoyed confronting and challenging the team. 




Joe Kilmartin

No photo description available.

Joe likes movies and loves comics and Hollywood icons. Joe is a living giant. He is knowledgeable on many subjects, from pop culture, to film, to politics, and is kind to all and shares his knowledge willingly. Joe loves Godzilla and Tarzan. Joe was an occasional host on Extra Features and loved discussing classic films with the team. 





Debra Jane Shelley

No photo description available.
Bio Pending.

Rest in Peace.