This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 14

May 1, 2021

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5 comments on “This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 14

  1. Hunter May 2, 2021

    Stalkers gonna stalk

  2. Where do you find these people? Well never mind you said where it’s just how like why do they think you like them hahahaha

  3. I can’t with you 😂

  4. Bobby May 9, 2021

    Having known you half of both our lives and being guilty of wanting to marry you myself I can’t help but laugh your standards for everything have always been sky high and like Mars high when it comes to men because you’re too smart to need one so he must not have been paying attention to you to think you wanted to kiss him I can’t stop laughing okay he’s not the only dude who’s looked down your shirt but what kind of weirdo asks you to wear low cut shit when you don’t even need to because they’re just THERE wow hahahaha

  5. That guy obviously didn’t know your father is the one who knocks