This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 8

March 20, 2021

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34 comments on “This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 8

  1. Blake Mar 21, 2021

    What the fuck did I just listen to hahaha wow

  2. Bryce Mar 21, 2021

    He’s talking about his kids being aliens and I believe him because after listening to this guy I’m pretty sure he’s a fucking alien like I’m 100% surd

  3. Grant Mar 21, 2021

    A French Mexican Alien

  4. Pierre Mar 21, 2021

    A Jehova’s witness is not allowed to use that kind of language if they find out their gonna kick him out of the religion and they would pray the devil out of him. Hahahahaha.

  5. Garrett Mar 21, 2021

    Can we get a picture of Carol to confirm the pool is a better option

  6. Danny Mar 21, 2021

    I’m so glad he doesn’t have sex with his kids, it’s a real relief

  7. Jason Mar 21, 2021

    Can he adopt me just so I can tell people I have the craziest father in the world and have it be true

  8. Kayla Mar 21, 2021

    He doesn’t like Borat it’s funny because Borat is a character and he acts like Borat for real

  9. James Mar 22, 2021

    It’s true people didn’t think this was for real I thought you made it up for sure but this is clearly a true story and it’s just mind blowing what kind of person thinks to do that and how could so many stupid things happen to or because one person he should’ve been a comedian damn

  10. Lance Mar 22, 2021

    I don’t know what he’s in but can I have some

  11. Are his kids aliens, animals or creatures from the black lagoon because didn’t make that too clear

  12. Bobby Mar 22, 2021

    Thank you for not saying anything embarrassing about me besides the titanic thing and the snow plow thing because when it comes to knowing embarrassing shit about people you know best hahahaha Denis I remember he used to always scream when I was on the phone good times

  13. That was nice of him to let the fish keep his glasses instead of using a phone light to look for them by the fucking shore where is not even a foot deep I’m sure the fish are thankful and wondering when he’s coming back with more snacks too

  14. For the first time in her life Melanie is not the sore thumb in the room I actually think she’d blend in with us common folk if this guy was in the room my god this was a very interesting thing to hear it’s crazy

  15. Shantelle Mar 22, 2021

    Says he had to ask people in. row boat to recover his boat then asks you if you swam hahahaha

  16. Danny Mar 22, 2021

    “I got mixed”

  17. Vince Mar 22, 2021

    I can’t breathe this is too funny, what did he do with the chocolate treat

  18. Travis Mar 22, 2021

    Please turn this into a TV show Denis is the hero we didn’t know we needed he is so weird

  19. Kayla Mar 23, 2021

    Is he an actor and did you guys just make up these stories on the fly they sound very unrealistic.

  20. Can he be my partner or would I get told to shut the fuck up as well

  21. Michael Mar 23, 2021

    Did you guys even find the place your partner was looking for because you didn’t say this was very random but hilarious I’ve played it 9 times during my commute

  22. Jillian Mar 23, 2021

    Mom stop farting 😂😂😂that really did remind me of Bob’s burgers

  23. I literally died I’m a ghost who is commenting it’s just too much this future is something else not sure what but something else

  24. A coffee cup that walks? I would pay to see that

  25. Well I guess I knew it wasn’t you because the wind you had a fucking dress on the back thats logical for sure

  26. Phillip Mar 24, 2021

    You guys were in the middle of the lake hahahahahahaha was it really the middle of the lake

  27. Asking For A Friend Mar 25, 2021

    Is Denis single

  28. What came first the pool or the song

  29. Natalie Mar 26, 2021

    He laughs like Walking Phoenix in The Joker oh my god

  30. Hunter Mar 26, 2021

    Does Denis have Cameo? My buddy is getting married I think Denis could give some great advice about how to lose your wife relatively quickly if you wanted to .

  31. Wassim Mar 26, 2021

    Is this how he always talks or what because holy crap it’s funny he’s a very funny man I guess you’d have to be to me and to have sex with a pool

  32. Yeyah Mar 26, 2021

    I love it come talking about the movie fun show for Melanie

  33. It’s like if Denis the Menace grew up and became old fucked a pool went on a road trip with someone else’s car lost his boat by irresponsibly leaving it unattended lost his glasses and was blinded tired to kill him self by jumping out of a window onto a table because he’s afraid of a fucking cop tried to pick a fight with a cop when he got pulled over then got pulled over again and accused of being a pimp doesn’t listen to young people and pays for it with his vehicle turns into the Incredible Hulk and rips the radio out of his own car blames it on his kids calls his kids creatures from the black lagoon and aliens but somehow managed to raise one that picked up dog shit and put it his bed but thankfully he doesn’t have sex with his kids and hopefully no one else does cause we don’t want a world of creatures from the black lagoon and aliens running wild his car broke on the road so he almost killed himself again jumping in front of a bus helped someone create a home server for internet for no good reason oh poor mister Wilson has to be dead by now with a menace like Denis actually I think he’s worse than Denis the menance my god the good lord was drinking on the job or what

  34. Where is he from