This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 2

February 6, 2021

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9 comments on “This Blonde Can Talk About Anything Episode 2

  1. Hunter Feb 7, 2021

    So good 😂

  2. Standing Sasha Feb 7, 2021

    Carmella sucks

  3. Katrina Feb 7, 2021

    A bit late after so many people talked about the royal rumbled but I enjoyed. I think it’s really cool that her personality really comes through just as audio. Seeing the picture and hearing the voice you can really tell she’s got spunk. Looking forward to the next one hope there’s less of a waiting period. With covid there’s nothing to so you should put out a new Monday’s and Friday’s I enjoyed it especially the toilet flushing sound that was the best

  4. Karen Feb 7, 2021

    love it. your so funny

  5. Solaia Feb 7, 2021

    Just wondering if Carmella pays you to talk so nicely about her haha I’m a fan of Charlotte so I like what you said about her and I like your pod cast can’t wait for a new one

  6. Thanks for the angelic track and the shout out babe

  7. Rip Screech that was really nice

  8. Vanny Feb 12, 2021


  9. Becca Feb 12, 2021

    I’m friends with this funny bitch 😂